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Helpful information about cremation in Delaware

Delaware state law requires that cremated remains may be “disposed of in such a way as is desired by the person receiving them.” (16 Delaware Code § 3161.) Cremated remains can be interred just as you would a body.  Remains can be laid to rest into an existing grave plot or into a niche.  You also have the choice of storing cremated remains in an urn or can utilize one of the many creative memorialization options available today, such as planting the remains as a tree or creating a keepsake diamond.

If you choose to scatter the ashes, Delaware law allows you to do so on private land with the consent of the landowner. Scattering in public places can be done provided common sense is utilized. However, always check whether there are any permits required for National Parks or any state or federal property.  In some cases a permit is required.  Sea scatterings are also an option, following EPA regulations where the sea burial take place three nautical miles out to sea.  A form must also be submitted declaring the scattering within 30 days.