Cremation Preplanning

Planning a cremation at the time of need can be very stressful. Cremation preplanning allows a person to plan a cremation for themselves or a loved one before they pass away. A cremation can be planned decades in advance or in anticipation of an imminent passing. Numerous cremation providers offer planning services that allow one to choose an urn, memorial services, veteran’s benefits, travel protection, and other benefits. To save money, these cremation societies often have bundles that a potential member can choose from that consolidate these benefits into one purchase.

After choosing a cremation provider, contacting a local office is the first step is to creating a cremation plan. One can often call a local office or request information through the provider’s website or by visiting the storefront. After contacting the office, an appointment will be set where either a representative will come to the potential member’s home or the potential member will visit the storefront location to meet with a representative. At this time, the potential member will be able to craft a cremation plan that suits their needs and wishes.

Potential members are often asked to pay for the cremation in advance. This greatly reduces the cost for cremation, as the prices increase each year. A prepaid cremation covers all cremation services except small fees that can only be paid at the time of death. The money paid in advance goes into a trust that is then used at the time of need to cover cremation expenses. Depending on the provider, some of the cremation materials may be provided in advance, such as the urn, membership cards, or a memorial kit.

Most cremation providers offer as many services and benefits for a preplanned cremation as one planned at the time of need. Veteran’s services, for example, are often provided in a separate bundled package of services. Travel protection ensures sure that the cremation plan can be carried out if one passes away while far from the local office the cremation plan was created.

Preplanning cremation allows one to choose what they want for a cremation and takes the burden of planning off grieving family members. A prepaid cremation also ensures that family members won’t have to pay more due to inflation for the same kinds of services. Cremation preplanning allows one’s wishes to be accurately reflected in the kind of cremation services received.

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This content is provided by the Neptune Society a National direct cremation service provider