Creative Scattering Services

Scattering of cremated remains continues to be a popular disposition option for many people. We have identified some of the most unique scattering service companies available anywhere in the world. Within the following pages you will learn about scattering options near famous landmarks, well known bodies of water, pristine natural settings and even in space. To arrange a scattering service, you may contact each of the companies directly or coordinate the scattering through the Internet Cremation Society members for your state. 


Internet Cremation Society Participating Companies:



s150-seaservices.jpgSea Services

The sea's glory, its peace and tranquility, have brought enlightenment and comfort to countless generations. Sea Services is America's oldest and largest ocean memorial organization, providing burial at sea coast to coast. The new and unique bio-degradable OceanUrn gently cradles remains at the ocean's depths then safely disolves. Our informative site answers all your sea burial questions.



s150-sierra.jpgHigh Sierra Gardens

Personal scattering of ashes in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, among majestic peaks, serene forests and cascading creeks. We walk into the high mountain meadows and forests to find that special resting place under the oaks, pines and cedars.




Eternal Ascent Society

Give your loved one a unique and unforgettable memorial. Send his or her cremated remains on a final flight to the heavens in a giant, environmentally safe, biodegradable balloon.




Creates permanent living legacies that memorialize the passing of a loved one. For those choosing cremation, Eternal Reefs offers a new memorial choice that replaces cremation urns and ash scattering with a permant environmental living legacy